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Cuticle Oil, the tip from professionals

Cuticle Oil is, according to the professionals, the secret for strong, healthy nails. Daily care of the nails with oil ensures that the nails become strong and they no longer bend or break.


Use Cuticle Oil.

By conditioning the nails with cuticle oil you prevent the nails from drying out. With daily use, you prevent the nails from drying out and you notice a difference in no time. I myself have the cuticle oil on my bedside table so I do not forget to apply my nails. Since I care for my nails every day, I have nicely cared-for cuticles and I notice that my gel polish stays in place better.


Cuticle oil is applied along the cuticles and you massage it over the nails and cuticles with small round movements. If you wear gellak, the cuticle oil also ensures that the gellak maintains the beautiful shine and promotes durability.


Now that the autumn has started, the days get colder and we turn on the heating faster. Remember that this also makes your skin dry out and your nails deserve extra care. Take care of the nails extra and take the cuticle oil with you in your handbag.


Remove gel polish nail polish

As soon as you have removed the gel polish, I advise you to give the nails a few days of rest between the 3 varnishes. If you have the nails then extra well provided with the cuticle oil, you also ensure that the nails remain in good condition and the nails remain strong.


We have a very nice cuticle oil in the collection with a nice almond fragrance. Be prepared for the cold winter months and give your nails extra attention with a nice oil, our oil can be found here in the shop.


Do you also have tips for strong nails? Share your tip below!


Enjoy your day 🙂


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